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Planning and preparation for exhibitors at Floradecora

Are you interested in exhibiting at Floradecora? If so, register online now and present your products in a unique atmosphere. You will find complete information for your presentation, planning and preparations here.

Registration for Floradecora

Would you like to exhibit at Floradecora for the first time? Or for the second time? We will be pleased to help you. It could hardly be easier:

  1. Click on one of the links below, ‘For existing customers’ or ‘For new customers’.
  2. Select the event, Christmasworld / Floradecora, complete the form and send it to us.
  3. Immediately thereafter, check your email inbox for a mail from Messe Frankfurt and confirm the link.
  4. Now you can complete your registration online (‘Intention to Exhibit’) and send it to us.
  5. After processing your registration, we will send you an offer with a proposal for stand space, which you only need to confirm to become an exhibitor of Floradecora.

Naturally, we will be pleased to help you with the registration process. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Documents for trade fair preparation

We have put together some documents to help you organize your presence at the exhibition and simplify your planning.

Floradecora: sales talk exhibitor and visitor at Floradecora

The Media Package

The Media Package of Floradecora

The Media Package enables you to achieve an optimum presence before, during and after the trade fair. Find out more about the services included in the Media Package below.

Presence in the catalogue

  • with company name, address, telephone, fax, website, e-mail, hall and stand number
  • 2 product groups in the catalogue

Online presence (Exhibitor and product search at Floradecora)

  • 1 page with company name, address, telephone, fax, website, e-mail, hall, stand number and 1 photo of the company
  • 5 product pages – for each page a description and one photo
  • 1 contact page with a contact person
  • Free choice of 5 keywords for full-text search
  • Publication of the product groups as booked
  • 1 update of the presentation per trade fair cycle
  • additional possibility of a detailed presentation all year round with the data supplied in the B2B-portal

On-site presence

  • listing in the visitor information system Compass on the fair site during the Floradecora

Navigator App (for Apple and Android)

  • listing in exhibitor and product search
  • listing in the hall plan

We would like to inform you that numerous suppliers such as Construct Data (FAIRGuide, Expo Guide), Matic Verlagsgesellschaft mbH and the online catalogue "International Fairs Directory" have issued so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories".

These directories have nothing to do with the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH.

These companies are trying to get you to pay for an entry in their exhibitor directory using the subject heading of "Datenkontrolle" or “data update". If you want to appear only in the official exhibitor directory as issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH, then please decline these offers.

The official exhibitor directory as well as all online media are strictly issued by Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH in collaboration with Messe Frankfurt Medien und Service GmbH.

If you have been accepted as an exhibitor at one of our trade fair events, then rest assured that your basic entry will appear in the official exhibitor directory and the online media.

You can find more information as well as a sample reply letter which you can use to react to an invoice from the suppliers of these so-called "unofficial exhibitor directories" on the home page of the AUMA, the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

Information on set-up and dismantling

Set-up and dismantling times 2018

Set-up and dismantling at the exhibition grounds in Frankfurt am Main

During the official setting up and dismantling times, work may be carried out around the clock in the hall.


Setting up for Floradecora 2018 begins at 5 p.m. on 23 January 2018 and continues around the clock until 6 p.m. on 25 January 2018. The setting-up and dismantling times for Floradecora 2018 are given below.

23 – 25 January 2018 From 5 p.m. on 23 January 2018 and around the clock until 5 p.m. on 25 January 2018
30 – 31 January 2018 From 6 p.m. on 30 January 2018 until 7 a.m. on 31 January 2018

Please note:
The aisles must be kept clear for carpet laying from 3 p.m. on the last setting-up day, 25 January 2018. During this time, it will only be possible to carry out dismantling work within the stand itself.

If you have any questions about setting-up and dismantling, please contact:

Sam-Luca Steh

Sam-Luca Steh

Phone +49 69 75 75-60 03

Fax +49 69 75 75-60 99

Check-in for set-up and dismantling

Check-in during set-up and dismantling

For the entire duration of the set-up and dismantling period, entry to the exhibition grounds is only possible via check-in. Any vehicle entering the exhibition grounds must be registered in advance.

You can register online then download and print out your own entry permit. With this authorization, you can drive to the indicated check-in. After verification at the check-in, access is via the specified entry gate. We ask for your understanding that only registered vehicles are permitted to enter the site.

For earlier stand set-up, no advance vehicle registration is required. It is sufficient to show that earlier set-up has been approved. Entry during this period is directly via Tor West (west gate).

Any vehicle entering the exhibition grounds must be registered in advance via the Messe Frankfurt online portal. The information is verified at the check-in. Unregistered vehicles are not permitted to enter the exhibition grounds at the gates. It is also possible to register a vehicle on site, but delays can occur in this case.

Questions on check-in? Please contact:

Traffic department


Phone +49 69 75 75-66 00

Check-in documents:

Exhibitor services All exhibitor services

We help you organise and hold your presentation at the fair. You will find full details of all services relating to your presentation, including marketing services, here.

Press Center during trade fair

Marketing services

We make brands visible. Increase your presence many times over: With advertising that is efficient - before, during and after the trade fair. You are entitled to free advertising materials. In addition, we also offer advertising opportunities online as well as at the exhibition site.

Stand equipment Floradecora: white chairs with table

Services relating to your exhibition stand

Do you want to order stand furnishings, additional personnel or catering services? Here you will find a range of services to round off your presentation at the fair.