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Floradecora facts and figures

Floradecora is your market place for making new business contacts: take advantage of the perfect interaction of floral products and seasonal decorations – and make your business flourish! Floradecora caters for the growing demand for fresh flowers and plants. At the same time, it opens up new sales channels for flower growers. Discover the most important facts and figures about Floradecora here.

Facts and figures for Floradecora 2017

67 exhibitors from 6 countries – including the top ten suppliers of the international green sector – reached 10,700 trade buyers from Christmasworld, Paperworld and Creativeworld. 90% of visitors were very pleased with the range of products and services at the fair. Floradecora not only catered for but also generated demand for more fresh greenery and convenience products in all sales channels.

Graphic Floradecora 2017: Exhibitor numbers, visitor numbers, satisfaction

Products at Floradecora

At Floradecora, you will find fresh flowers and ornamental plants of all kinds, as well as a variety of services. The advantage for you: everything is available for immediate delivery and can be used straight away no matter what the season.

Flowers as a convenience product: Gerbera at Floradecora
  • Cut flowers
  • Potted and ornamental plants
  • Garden plants and flower bulbs
  • Floral arrangements with and without seasonal decorations
  • Ready-made floral and plant arrangements
  • Flower and plant care products
  • Hollowware and florists’ requisites
  • Retail-trade concepts / software solutions
  • Logistics services

Floradecora target group

The innovative concept of Floradecora promotes new business contacts and sales channels. Why? Because a completely new group of exhibitors – growers and producers of fresh flowers and potted plants – encounters the heterogenous target group of visitors to Christmasworld. And they, in turn, find a completely new product range at the fair. Simultaneously, green-product producers have the chance to discover new sales channels of which they were previously unware. You, too, should be among them in 2018!

The result for both exhibitors and visitors: a new potential for expansion and increased sales.

Visitors by business sectors: Exhibitors:
  • Wholesale florists
  • Florists
  • Garden centres
  • DIY markets
  • Supermarkets and discounters
  • Furniture stores
  • Food trade
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Shopping centres and urban marketing
  • Event agencies
  • Decoration agencies and visual merchandising
  • Flower and plant growers
  • Producers
  • Wholesale florists
  • Importers / exporters
  • Sales cooperatives
  • Purchasing cooperatives
  • Suppliers of hollowware and florists’ requisites
  • Logistics companies
  • Making-up operations
  • Auctioneers

Floradecora hall and stand concept

Producers and companies from the green sector will make their presentations in an innovative setting at Floradecora 2018.

Covered with fresh cut flowers and ornamental plants of all kinds, these eye-catching presentation tables enable buyers to make direct product comparisons and make their choice in a product and consumer-focused way.

Floradecora offers exhibitors a full-service area. As a Floradecora exhibitor, all you have to do is send us your products for the presentation table and we will take care of the rest (organisation and filling the vases, daily plant care with water, etc.).

Presentation tables at Floradecora

Presentation tables

Numerous sales-oriented presentation tables for cut flowers and plants make product comparisons quick and easy and provide a good overview of the range available. On the tables, clearly visible product-information labels include the exhibitor details so you can enter into in-depth discussions in the Flower Circles.

Flower Circles at Floradecora

Flower Circles

In the Flower Circles, exhibitors make presentations and hold individual sales talks. Here, ready-made arrangements and decorations with fresh flowers and plants for selling at the point of sale are presented. Characterised by a uniform design, the Flower Circles are provided by Messe Frankfurt – all exhibitors have to do is occupy them.

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